Qody is a package of software products and services, which in combination with the Internet offers new opportunities to the users of IT-devices, from PCs to tablets and smartphones. Qody provides a possibility to launch thousands of apps directly from the Internet with just one click without the necessity to install them, to launch the same apps on different devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry), to add widgets, and so on, ensuring greate usability and extended functionality.


Qody is absolutelly free


Supports Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry

for everybody

Useful for everybody.


Multilangual interface.


We are planing to open sources of parts of our project to allow and help comunity to improve and optimize products.


We always ready to listen to your advice and suggestions


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Qody is

  • Qody Enviroment

    is a software environment fully integrated with the internet clouds. It includes: Qody launcher, Qody widgets, Gamayun, etc.

  • Qody launcher

    is a special launcher used to run the applications directly from the internet

  • Qody widgets

    are the desktop widgets, automatically updating via the Internet

  • OS


    is lightweight and user-friendly Linux distribution developed to interact with the cloud resources in the most efficient way.

  • Qody cloud

    includes free cloud services, storage, web-store for cloud apps, etc.

  • Qody ServerBox

    is a software product that can be used to create your own cloud applications server.



Qody offers you a set of free services and also software that creates new opportunities for the users of devices that run Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android or iOS. What these services exactly enable you to do is to centrally and instantly run thousands of applications and widgets directly from the Internet. Thus, they let you work with convenience and have a wide range of functional options for managing your applications. You get many opportunities, including the ones that the universal environment provides. It lets you use the cloud infrastructures with maximum convenience.

This service can be used in multiple ways:
• by installing the program on computer (laptop, mobile gadget)
• installing a special Linux distribution package – operation system QodyOS
• or working with the service through a browser.
In the latter case, there is a challenge in form of decreased performance of the product.

The very process of operation is the following: having installed Qody on a computer or mobile gadget, a user can run cloud programs using the environment created on servers (FLASH, HTML/JS, QML,GTK+ 3). These programs will provide many extra functions and innovations, which by their possibilities will bring them close to ordinary user software. Among the obtained pros, we can name, for example, the possibility of saving a program’s state in a cloud, and then running it with the same state on any other device. The run programs will be similar for any device; meanwhile, the developers plan continuous extension and optimization of possibilities. In the near future, the program may include an option for running Android programs on devices under Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

QodyOS ia a minimalistic Linux distribution that includes all the above described software and has all the above mentioned functions. Additionally, it offers some functions that are available only in QodyOS. The user still can install and run Linux applications.

In addition, Qody offers one more curious product - Qody ServerBox. This software, when installed, works as a service. It is a server for applications running in the cloud. This product enables the user to run applications with the use of Qody software or also to send requests to the server via a web browser. Qody ServerBox will be most helpful to the users who want their applications run maximum fast or have maximum information security. The source code of some parts of Qody software will be little by little posted for public access to provide the community with opportunities to further develop and optimize this software.
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